Node python unsolicited email (SPAM) policies

Data that is emailed to any accounts on this system which has not been requested (i.e. it is unsolicited) is regarded as unauthorized use of datacentre class system resources. Method of unsubscription is inadmissible as a defence against charges as resources have already been consumed prior to this information being known.

Flat rate charging applies of UK pounds sterling, 25 per unsolicited item if paid within 14 days of invoice, rising to 50 per unsolicited item plus legal costs involved with recovering monies not forthcoming.

These charges are accurate as of 1st Octobber 2003, and are reviewed annually or whenever necessary. The system owner reserves the right to alter these charges in any way. Phone calls made in pursuit of charges may be recorded and used in evidence.

Billing policy

All efforts are made to deliver the resulting invoice for system service charges to the originator of the unsolicited data. In the event this is not possible, and a service provider is positively identified as having allowed the use of their resources by the originator, it is presumed that the service provider accepts full responsibility for the use of its services, and becomes jointly or solely liable for the charges incurred. The service provider is responsible for subsequent recovery of the charges from the originator, they are expected to keep full and proper logs in order to satisfy their own billing requirements.

I reserve the right to bill additional consultancy rate fees where protracted work is required in order to issue an accurate bill, or obtain payment, including legal action . This is a daily rate of 1000.00 UK pounds sterling and a minimum charge of one half day (500.00 UK pounds sterling).

UK law will govern all legal protocol.

Any questions of this may be directed to email nic

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