The Royle Family

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A sitcom that breaks the usual rules which achieves an excellence that means you can watch it again and again. Here are some details of the episodes and a few facts pointed out. Jim and Barbara Royle, the parents of Denise and Anthony, with Dave Best, Denise's fiance, Barbara's mother Norma, Joe and Mary from next door with their daughter Cheryl and Twiggy, a family friend. Everyone else is just talked about, mainly round the telly! We also meet a friend of Anthony's, Darren, and his girlfriend in the second series, Emma. We see then in the living room around the TV, occasionally in the kitchen, or the dining room, we see the stairs and a bedroom and the bathroom.

The theme music is 'Half the World Away' performed by 'Oasis'. Filmed by Granada for the BBC, originally first shown on BBC2 (first series), the second series went onto BBC1, and is repeated on UK Gold, UK Play and BBC Choice.


Jim Royle (Ricky Tomlinson)
Bearded and bespectacled, his toilet habits are not secret. His favourite phrase is 'my arse'. He likes to think he is the boss, and the rest of the family, most of the time accept his authority. He plays the banjo but he's not too fond of the mother in law!
Barbara Royle (Sue Johnston)
She has just taken on a job at the bakers, she does all the cooking, and complains (sometimes) about the language.
Denise Royle (Caroline Aherne)
Complains bitterly about things that her brother Anthony does that she's not happy about, usually getting her mum to scold him! Intensely jealous about Beverly Macca(sp?) former brief girlfriend of Dave, likes her drink, many big ideas, but just can't seem to find the energy to make the effort.
Anthony Royle (Ralf Little)
When the phone rings, or there's someone at the door, or its time for a brew, it's Anthony's job. Running to the shop, or doing anything wrong as far as his sister is concerned, yep, he cops for it.
Dave Best (Craig Cash)
You've heard the rest, now hear the best, Dave Best mobile disco. And Denise of course, he likes his ale. He also works during the day with a van, doing removals or house clearances.
Joe Carroll from next door (Peter Martin)
Joe doesn't say much. No.
Mary Carroll from next door (Doreen Keogh)
Mary is Irish and shares her philosophy with us.
Cheryl Carroll from next door (Jessica Stevenson)
Cheryl is on a diet, but she's not too successful. She hasn't got a boyfriend, but she's hopeful. She totally sympathizes with Denise.
Twiggy (Geoffrey Hughes)
The local wheeler-dealer, an uncomplicated view of life who is willing to help anyone out.
Norma Speakman (Liz Smith)
She doesn't drink at all, apart from a sherry at Christmas, Whiskey at New Year, Champagne at the wedding and a bottle of stout of a night. Prefers her tea in a china cup, but prefers her own toilet.
Darren (Andrew Whyment)
Anthony's best mate and he's bent the odd law or two.
Emma (Sheridan Smith)
Anthony's posh girlfriend from Altrincham

First Series

Second Series

Christmas Special

Third Series

  1. Baby David (remember Dave's dad is also called Dave)
  2. Three weeks to Baby David's christening and Barbara wants the living room redecorated with woodchip. Dave lost his van. Cheryl got some accurate scales, on which she is lighter. Denise has post baby fatigue.
    Notables:The local radio mentions an event in Breadbury, which is Stockport.

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