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Got an X-Wave DVD player gone faulty?


14k GIF, 45k JPEGPretty flower!

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Nic, systems manager of a vmscluster, living and breathing in my very own home.

[pens in a pocket]
Just call me Pauline...

There is now a page of my ramblings, and a page to one of the best comedies of recent years, The Royle Family. The League of Gentlement needs no mention, The Office goes without saying. Peter Kay with fresh natural talent, I've started to work on the radio pages . You can visit my old and contraversial pages when I'm online, but hosted from my personal webserver.

[skyscrapers from the air]

27k GIF 230k JPEG Manhattan Island and World Trade Centre towers from the air October 2000

This view will never be the same. Taken when I overflew New York.

[VAX 2000]

The other VAX in my life 63k JPEG

The computer network has continued to grow slightly, but some of the older (some would say useless) kit has had to be found another home. The object on the left sees more action than their computerized counterparts!

I've a fair collection of ties back online by popular demand (hello to Steves in Maidstone).

These pages are Lynx friendly!

I'm author of the unofficial Bolton, UK web pages.

The system is a |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| VAX 4705A, (PYTHON), clustered with a VS4000-90 (MONTY) and an AlphaServer 1000 (PUTY), and connected to the internet via Demon Internet for, as they say, a tenner (+VAT) per month for over nine years now. As a result, I have static IP address, which does in fact mean, that if I'm online, you can attempt to connect to my HTTP server. However, if it didn't work, you can read more about my computer museum.

Compulsory autobiographical content

I work on on |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| computer systems, doing advanced technical engineering support, training and consulting on a global basis. I'm also getting into Galaxy and 'wildfire' NUMA machines, with a very dynamic organisation. Someone in the computer press said "never store your CV on a computer". Just to annoy him, I've put my CV online.

Music and radio was once a large part of my life, however the current bland nature the unimaginative pop scene in an industry where drive for profit is only exceeded by the ego, the art is dead so I have elected more spiritual pursuits. The truth is out there, so they say, and I dance in its flame. There's a little potted history in the mobile disco, and commentary listening to and collecting music. The flame grows brighter now, but not all will find it, to Mother Earth and Herne, the power within and around. Never say boo to a ghost. It is not wise to anger the Gods, you bring about your self destruction.

A Pentax ME super and a few odd lenses keep me keep me out of mischief and a photo processing laboratory in business. I've been making use of the pictures I've taken, and appear on the Bolton Web pages, and I also work on periodic commissions.

There's more here in cyberspace, these links will get to my other web stuff, pictures of cats, details of the music and discos, radio, photography and cars.

For archival reasons, the main car stories remain online, the story of the Citroen BX, and car stories from past vehicles.

Read the Aardvark stories, not for the faint hearted or easily offended. (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). I am seeking the 10th installment...

I also have some pictures of masts from a mobile phone operator.

We want Tip Top!

This page will annoy Netscape and MS Explorer users. And this will annoy the lovers of frames .

Put your anorak on, visit a radio rally.

My public PGP key.

The pickup page.

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